[Best] 5 lunch box for office in India 2021

Lunch box is most important to all the school, college and office going people. As we know especially in the school is very important because we have to take care of our children and to eat any of the junk food in the canteen. So we give the tiffin to our children regular. But some times its happen that we give the food to our children in the tiffin its get spoiled.

Its not remain fresh and gives a spoiled taste . At that item the the food got spoil because we pack the tiffinf hot and that normal tiffin as not have the capacity to prevent from gems build or the food the too cold then also the bacteria gets build and that time the food get spoiled.

So we also want to choose the right tiffin to not get food spoiled. When its came to the office Lunch box we always have the fulll meal because in office already 9 to 10 hour shift is there. And in that case the full meal is mandatory .

So to carry the full meal the right lunch box should be required. today we let you know about the some good lunch box with bag.

Lunch box should be required with proper airtight lid and enough space to store the food. some of the lunch box have the capacity to remain hot food and fresh for an hour. So not to worry about to get food spoiled. As we mention in the article the best lunch box set an in that you can also eve carry the curry or liquid food. Its not to worry about the leak.

The bag is also provide along with lunch box so you can easily kept the lunch box in the bag and carry easily. Specially the carry bag is good for office going.


1.Solimo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set with Bag.

2. Milton Executive Lunch Box Set of 3, Orange.

 3.Signoraware Best Steel Lunch Box, Blue.

4.Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set

5.ATMAN Stainless Steel 3 Container and 1 Casserole Set with Plastic Bottle

1.Solimo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set with Bag.

Solimo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set with Bag


Solimo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set with Bag is most fantastic product. This solimo lunch box is made up from the stainless stell material. In this you will get the  4 set of lunch box. The shape of the lunch box box is in round.

The most important thing in this lunch box set is that it is leak proof even you can carry the dal in this that also it will not leak. The lid in this use it is air tight lid so it is good. You can not use this in the micro oven to heat the food.

You can carry the sabji, roti, curry , Oil bhaji easily. This is one of the best for the Indian food item to carry. As you can say it is travel friendly not to worry about the leakage of the oils or curry in from the lunch box . And you will get the spoon and fork also it is also a good quality.

Also in this you will get the lunch box bag this also helps you a lot. In this bag you can keep the tiffin and carry in office or school.  When you kept the food inside this lunch box it is 4 hour will remain fresh and hot so not to worry about the spoils of food. Perfect lunch box box set to get as a gift for someone.

The size of the product is 11cm and 300 millilitre.

  • Leak Proof Container.
  • 300ml Per Container.
  • Hold Both Dry And Semi-liquid Food
  • Easy To Clean Fabric Jacket
  • 4-piece Lunch Box With Bag
  • NA

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2. Milton Executive Lunch Box Set of 3, Orange.

Milton Executive Lunch Box Set of 3, Orange


Milton Executive Lunch Box is a set for full lunch so in this you can easily carry your full lunch. In this you will get the 2 rounded lunch box  with 280 ml each and it is made up from stainless steel  and 1 in oval rounder lunch box with 500 ml is made up from plastic material. All the 3 tiffin box have the air tight fitted lid.

The size of the all 3 lunch box  is good in the rounded lunch box in this you can keep the sabji and curry. And in the ovali lunch box you can kept the rice or chapati it have good space.

As we know the miltho is one of the best and well know brand and the product quality is also good. The product have 1 year of warranty. It is micro oven friendly it means you can heat the food in the micro oven without any of worry.

There is no leakage from the lunch box  it is very safe ro carry any of the liquid curry. In this the food items which we kept its remain hot for long hour.

The colour of the lunch box  is orange and along with that you will get the lunch box bag. From which you can carry easily. Also you will get the spoon and forks.

  • Keeps Food Hot And Fresh For Long Hours.
  • Leak Proof Container
  • Microwave Safe Without Lid
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NA

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Signoraware Best Steel Lunch Box, BlueSignoraware Best Steel Lunch Box is one of the best lunch box. This lunch box is made up from stainless steel  l material. Most important this is that in this you will also get the steal Tumbler (bottle)as you see in the above picture . Its like a glass and upper side its provide lid to cover the bottle in their bottle you can easily carry the curry or water its your choices. Also you can carry the chass or other drink in this bottle easily it is good option to carry in picnic time. The steel Tumbler (bottle)litre capacity  is 370 ml.

This lunch box  set you cannot use in micro oven . But in this which ever you keep the food it will remains hot and fresh for hours. Also in this you will get insulated bag in which you can keep all this tiffin easily and its remain hot and safe in that bag.

Best for you in school and college for the daily purposes. It shave 3 small Lunch box  and 1 Tumbler(bottle). The capacity of the all container we will let you know 1 lunch box is 500 ml, 2 tiffin box is 350 ml, 3 lunch box is 200 ml and the bottle is 370 ml.

So in this you can easily carry your full lunch without any of worry. In this all the lunch box  the upper lid is provide is air tight it will not leak any of your gravy.

This particular lunch box  is available in two colour blue and red so same colour bag. The quietly of the lunch box and bag is both good. Also you can use this tiffifn to store the food and kept in the refrigerator. Its Prevent food from getting spoiled.

  • Leak Proof Containers
  • Compact Size Product
  • Ideal For Office Executives And School Going Kids
  • Stainless Steel Material Used
  • NA

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5.ATMAN Stainless Steel 3 Container and 1 Casserole Set with Plastic Bottle

ATMAN Stainless Steel full lunch box is on of the super classic tiffin box. As you can see on the above picture how super it is and the bag which is provide also whit it is supper good quality.

In ATMAN lunch box have 3 container and 1 Casseroles Set with Plastic Bottle. The 3 container size is good enough you can carry easily your sabji or carry in this lunch box. And the upper lid is push up lid so just push the small lid and the lid will get open.

This lid is supper air tight and its leak proof. Also the plastic bottle is provide as you can seen the below picture  you can carry easily lassi or juice in this bottle and not to worry of any type of leakage.

This lunch box is specially good  for the picnic purpose you can carry whole meal in this lunch box set. And the bag is super stylish in the bag have the space to carry the bottle and inside the bag you can keep spoon and fog easily its provide the separate space to kept spoon and fork.

  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Air Tight & Leak Proof Containers
  • It Comes With A Grey Bag
  • Stylish Lunch Set
  • NA

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To keep our self healthy and fit all is saying to eat home meal every day . Not from the outside canteen and stalls or any of the junk food. Because ewe know in the canteen and in the stall many time its not maintain the proper hygiene and the food is also doing preheated . So from that if we eat that food we get food poisoned.

So that’s why we want to always carry our home made food and to store that food we require best quality of lunch box. So in this article we let you know about the best lunch box set . So you can carry the food easily in your office, School, college or even in the picnic time also.

In this article we let you know the lunch box which you store the food and its remain hot for long time and leak proof .


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