[Best] 5 hot glue gun with glue sticks in India 2021

Glue gun is one of the most important product to stick the break equipment. Not only for the break equipment but also glue gun play an important role in arts and crafts making. School project also its help wonderful because in school most of time is have project related to craft so its required the good quality of glue gun.

There are many of the normal gum is available in the market like Fevicol normal glue etc. But there quantity is very low and the stickiness is low low quality it can’t even stick paper properly such a low quality that gum is there. And the quality is also very low to use for big project its get difficulty to use and the process is also messiness.

But now not to worry people here are the some best quality glue gun is available so we will let you know about that product. Electric glue gun is best the stickiness is good quality within a few minute its stick the product easily.

Also even its easily to use even children can use this glue gun easily its just you want to on and trigger the button and the glue will come out. Some of the electric glue gun is work will charger or some with battery. So its easy to carry any where easily.

The quality of the glue gun is also good. Inside the box you will get the glue stick and after the sticks is over you can easily  purchase that stick from the shop.

Glue gun is mostly use to stick the product like  wood, paper, toys, and specially in arts and craft related project its mostly use.

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1.20 WATT 7MM hot glue gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator.

 20 WATT 7MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator


20 W 20 WATT 7 MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator is one of the best product. The glue gun only take 20 watt. This particulate glue gun in this also you will get 10 fluorescent coloured glue sticks. Led indicator is also provide  for on off indicator. So its because easily to see where the glue gun is on or off and it will be safe.

Availability of the product is many colour as you can check on the above link and select with your favorite  colour. Easy to use this product. Only required 2 to 3 mint to melt the glue stick.

Specially its most useful for the school children has now a day in the school give a many of the project. So with the help of the glue gun its easily stick any think and the gun glue have the good holding power.

The weight of the product is 340 gram and you can carry easily its neither to heavy or not too big size. Travel friendly product. The glue gun is made up from the high quality of plastic material.

This particular glue gin machine is  use to stick like toys, wooden material, dolls,etc. easily you can fix the broken material i few time. The product have 5 star rating. The wire length is 1 meter which is small but good enough. The look of the product is also good.

Product Dimensions25 x 15 x 5 cm; 340 Grams
Item Weight340 g
Net Quantity 1 Unit
Customer Reviews4.5
  • Best For The Small Task
  • Worth For The Money
  • 10 Glue Stick Free With The Glue Gun.
  • NA

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2.APTECH DEALS Max 100 W hot glue gun with 5 Glue Sticks.

APTECH DEALS Max 100 W Glue Gun with 5 Glue Sticks


APTECH DEALS Max 100 W Glue Gun with 5 Glue Sticks is supper stick glue gun. Its works like fantastic. The look of the product is also awesome the particular glue gun you will get in blue colour. You will get free 5 glue stick along with this glue gun inside the box. Perfectly its seal the two surface and its as good as the fevicol.

This glue gun required 100 watt. Product is made up from the best quality of plastic material. Special its good for the art and craft student it will be more useful for them.

Important tis that when children using this glue gun please use under the observation of Adult person. And not to touch the upper tip of the glue gun.

Easy to use this product and see the you-tube tutorial for more information how to use. The quality of the glue gun is good its stick super fast within a few minute.

After the use of the glue gun stored vertically immediately after the switch off the glue gun for the safety purpose. The product will not get leak it only get glue out when we on the product and trigger the button to start the glue flow.

Brand Name APTECH DEALS.COM - deals for you...
Colour Blue
Wattage 100.00 watts
Customer Reviews4.0
  • Strong And Reliable
  • Full Operating Temperature Within Seconds
  • Comes With 5 Glue Sticks
  • High Quality & Durable Element
  • NA

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3.40 Watt with FREE 10 Glue Sticks Hot Melt Electronic hot glue gun.

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STANLEY STHT6-70416 25-Watts Plastic Cordless Glue Gun and Meter Cord


STANLEY STHT6-70 Cordless Glue Gun and Meter Cord is one of the awesome glue gun in code less. It is a cordless glue gun so you can carry anywhere and use any time and anywhere not to worry about the plug connection.

In short this is travel friendly product. This product you want to charge before use with the help of the charger which is provide with the product. Its only required 10 to 15 minute and its ready to use the glue gun.

The Performance of the product is awesome. Good for school project and other creative activates easy to use this glue gun. As you can check the manual to get the more information about how to use in detail.

Not requires so much heat just few mint its ready to use the product and the glue stick quality is good. The product have 6 month warranty for the date of purchasing.

Black rubber grip is also provide for the safety purpose. That’s protect you from any kind of accident touch burns. The price of the product is also very low.  The product is made up from the best quality of plastic material.

Item Weight398 g
Included Components1 Glue Gun
Customer Reviews4.0
  • 25-w Plastic Cordless Gun
  • Fold-out Stand Provided
  • 6 Months Warranty Provided Trigger-feed Mechanism Used
  • Ergonomic Design
  • No indication

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5.Ofixo 20W 10 Glue Sticks Hot Melt hot glue gun Kit (Multicolor).


Hot Glue Gun Price?

You can check in the above like with the product details as its all the top 5 are the cheapest  and affordable for all and most important is the best quality of the product.

Hot Glue Gun Hacks?

Glue gun is most useful to stick the toys, wood, etc and also you can use in craft to make unique product so to make the craft the glue plays an important role.

How To Make Hot Glue Gun At Home?

its is not possible.

Glue Gun Price In India?

same you can check above article or if you need any help then free to comment down below

How To Use Glue Gun?

Glue gun is use for many of the purpose like to stick toys, wood, envelope, crafts, etc.


Glue gun is the most important for the arts and craft. So for that purpose glue gun is important because when you are make some of the new crafts project so its required to stick the some of the crafts its depend wat you are making.

In the make glue, fevicol ,etc are available to stick. But the quality of the stickiness is most so good but this glue gun stickiness is strong and easy to use. Most important it is long lasting product one you purchase so you can use as long as possible.

Only you want to buy the glue stick after its got finish and its easily available in the market and the price of the stick is also very cheap.

In some of the glue gun the safety stand holder is also there so with the help of the holder you can hang the glue gun after use.

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