Boat Watch Flash Smartwatch Detail Review.

After the  huge success in the headphone sector boat is slowly  expanding there products . When boat was stared then they are specially made headphones , earbuds, speakers and other stuff related to the audio .Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch But from the recent time they are started manufacturing other products likes powebanks, mobile accessories and … Read more

Boat Rugby Plus Price, Features, Review 2021

After the huge success from the boat stone 1200 boat is finally launch the new boat rugby plus. This was a upgraded version of the previous boat rugby which was launch on the last year . After the announcing the boat rugby plus people was excited to see this products . So in this article … Read more

[Boat rockerz 510 vs 600] comparison, review in India 2021

In this article we are comparing two best headphones from the Boat rockerz 510 vs 600 in this we are covering the all the major features voice quality mic noice cancellation;colours, battery backup and other major things. BoAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone with Mic Boat rockerz 510 bluetooth on-ear headphone with mic is one of the … Read more