Aiwa New Tws, Neckbands, and Wired Earphone Launching in India 2021

Finally after the so many days we are see some new products from the aiwa brands. If you are confuse about this brand then we give some information about this brand.

Aiwa is a japanese multinational company which was product the electronics devices such as the television, multimedia speakers , bluetooth speakers , headset and other electronic products .

After the huge positive response from the previous device they are finally announced to lunch there three product which was aiwa tws earbuds at-x80fanc , aiwa bluetooth neckband esbt-401 and last one was aiwa wired earphones estm-100

In this article we are cover what you will  get in this produrs this was relay good or not.  In this article we are try to cover this specification.

Officially features and other detail was disclose but fro the leaked information we are covering what you expect from this brands

Aiwa New Tws, Neckbands, and Wired Earphone Launching in India 2021

Launch Date

Officially all of this aiwa tws earbuds at-x80fanc , aiwa bluetooth neckband esbt-401 and last one was aiwa wired earphones estm-100  three product you can purchase it from the amazon.

Official date was not confirm but from our experts you can except this product was launch  on the this april

Aiwa TWS Earbuds AT-X80FANC

In this time period tws earbuds was tending in india that why all most all of the brand is launching their tws brands so aiwa is also comes with this aiwa tws earbuds at-x80fanc.

In this if we talk about design then it was come with the plastic build design . And most probably this device was comes with the more then one colour variant.

One of the most highlighted features of  this tws was its weight it has only 5 farms weight of the single earbuds so you can just imagine how comfortable it was

For the connectivity you will get the latest 5.0 bluetooth version that easily cover the 10 meters of the area and give you simlesly connectivity  you wil didn’t get any connectivity issues in this tws .

Other than this aiwa tws earbuds at-x80fanc comes with the active noise cancellation features so this was very good while you are attending calls , zoom meting.

You will also have the voice assistance features  so  by just the single pres you can easily enable the voice assistance feature . This aiwa tws earbuds at-x80fanc support the google assistance as well as siri assistance .

On this tws you will also get the big battery life on this device they give you 500 mah battery and on the earbuds you will get the 40 mah battery.

The overall playtime was depends on the how you use this earbuds like on the regular mode it can gives you 12 hour of playtime and if you are use is tws with the active noise cancellation mode then it can gives you 4 hours playtime .

To charge this device you will get the type c charging support so by this type c charging this device was charged fastly .

Aiwa Bluetooth Neckband ESBT-401

Aiwa New Tws, Neckbands, and Wired Earphone Launching in India 2021

After the aiwa tws they are also launching the blue-toot neckband which was aiwa bluetooth neckband esbt-401 build wise this deice was comes with the plastic housing .

The designee wise you will get the aluminium ere tips which was gives a premium look for this neckband. And if we talk about the mic and controllers that you will get the in line controllers and the buttons of the plastic housing .

the most important thing of this Aiwa Bluetooth Neckband ESBT-401 is that it was very light weigh product you didn’t believe it the total overall weight of this product was only 30.5 grams

For the connectivity they gives you sililere 5.0 bluetoot version.

And if we talk abut the sound quality then driver size was not disclosed by the aiwa but we are sure you will definitely get the powerful

If we look at the battery then in this neckband that gives you 80 mah battery according to our experts it can easily gives 7 to 8 hours battery backup.

Aiwa Wired Earphones ESTM-100Aiwa New Tws, Neckbands, and Wired Earphone Launching in India 2021

Aiwa wired earphones estm-100 this was wired ere phone you will get from inline mic and the controllers with the plastic housing .
As per the image we came to know you will get the regular rounded plastic cable with the gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack.
Other than this at this point we don’t have any information about aiwa wired earphones estm-100


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